The Poetry of Edward Locke

Vol. I (excerpts)
Vol. II (excerpts)
Vol. III (excerpts)
Vol. IV (excerpts)
Vol. V (excerpts)

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A Birthday Check for Matthew

IV, 64

A Caution

I, 131

A Channeling

II, 224

A Chinese Mother to Her Son

V, 137

A Christmas Vision

III, 58

A Description of the Azoic Eon

V, 18

A Dissertation upon Roast Poet

I, 145

A Distrained Yawp in a Country Churchyard

IV, 126

A Fiber from the Brain

II, 136

A Garland of Six Posies

II, 36

A Gift to My Son on His Birthday

V, 139

A Goodnight Story

I, 203

A Haiku

III, 205

A Jagged Line of Rising Extension

I, 69

A Lecture on the Universe and Its Surroundings

IV, 105

A Legend

IV, 100

A Ministering Angel, Thou

I, 206

A Net for Summer

IV, 11

A Note from the Diary of Henry Purcell

V, 92

A Note on Hart Crane

I, 138

A Passing Eulogy

I, 9

A Philosophic Almagest

II, 193

A Point of Time

III, 142

A Queen’s Epiphany

II, 20

A Robin Redbreast in a Cage

V, 46

A Song of Inner Sense

II, 225

A Song of Parting

V, 37

A Stung Heart

IV, 69

A Summer Event

V, 97

A Summer Rowing

I, 212

A Tale

I, 201

A Tale of Two

III, 49

A Temple Near Lethe

V, 91

A Time of Year

V, 31

A Voice from Pork Chop Hill

I, 1

A Walk in the Sonnet of Paris

IV, 88

A Western

III, 94


III, 50

Achilles in Brooklyn

I, 219

Act Two

V, 59


V, 118


IV, 21


IV, 23

Advancing Back

I, 38


V, 29

Advice to Myself, on St. Valentine’s Day

IV, 103

After an Evening with an Armenian Friend

I, 30

After Our Dinner

I, 229


II, 159


III, 216

Air, Earth, and Flow

III, 111


I, 213

Alcibiades Muses

IV, 41

An Age of Consent

III, 191

An Agnostic’s Caballah

II, 215

An American Airman Foresees His Death

I, 18

An Ethical Tale

I, 199

An Ordinary Afternoon in Hartford

V, 171

Anasazi into Pueblo

I, 41

Ancient of Days

III, 170


II, 19


II, 72

Another Birthday

III, 144

Ant on the Wall

III, 32

Apogoshes and Perigollies

I, 130

Approaching the End

II, 142

Apsley Cherry-Garrard Returning

I, 133


III, 212


III, 54

Artemis, the Living Spring

I, 93

Artist’s Palette

II, 38

As for Living, Our Pills Will Do that for Us

V, 219

As Goodly Buildings

V, 72

As in the Case

V, 55

As Seen on TV

IV, 182

As Small Dust upon the Balance

I, 89


III, 97

Assume Makes an Ass of You and Me

V, 212

At the Backyard Feeder

II, 54

At the Cemetery

II, 186

At the Delicatessen

I, 144

At the Museum

III, 153


I, 12


IV, 15


III, 173

Baedeker Chrysopoetics

V, 65

Baldwin IV, Leper, d. 1185

II, 212

Ballad of a Cold War

II, 74

Ballad of a Man Stabbed by Grace

V, 79

Ballad of Doing Lunch

IV, 120

Ballad to the Ballad

III, 123

Ballade for Richard Wilbur

V, 68

Ballade of Bygone Ladies

I, 182

Bambino Volante

II, 179

Bar Nothingness

II, 188

Battalion Sniper

I, 28


V, 142

Beauty and the Beast:  a Lesson

I, 198

Beethoven at the Colosseum

V, 93

Before Light

II, 183

Before the Voyage

II, 111

Before Winter

V, 66

Beginning with Breccia

II, 2


V, 83

Being on the Rocks

II, 216

Bell Rings

I, 165


II, 187


II, 108

Bespeaking the Spooky

III, 214

Beyond the Pale

V, 198

Beyond the Pillars

V, 223

Billy Budd

II, 152


II, 195


II, 171

Bird-Watching in America

IV, 77


III, 51

Bishop Berkeley Overheard

I, 190

“Black Flowers Burst Out Wherever the Night Has



I, 147

Black Holes of Language

IV, 156

Black Is Split

V, 62


V, 52

Blues for a Certain

V, 95

Bold Hugs, Bold Sorrows

III, 101

Bona Fides

II, 29

Book Ends

II, 166

Born in America

V, 228

Boys Are Boys

III, 190

Brave Bolton

III, 28

Brief Biography of Pop

II, 8

Bright Evening

II, 104

Broadening Slowly

IV, 93

Broadway Bound

II, 180

Brute Confidence

III, 84


III, 81

Bumps in the Night

I, 175

Burying Error

IV, 138


I, 25

Candles and Crowns

III, 106

Cape Canaveral

V, 194

Cape Weather

I, 62


V, 28

Carol for the Night-Blooming Cereus

V, 34


II, 3


IV, 76

Cellini, from the Ramparts

I, 158


II, 6

Chauncey Wright

II, 191

Child Language

IV, 158

Children and Parents

I, 192

Chile, 1983

V, 222

Chinese Exhibit

V, 112

Chorus Looking for Work

I, 129

Christ’s Rickety Response

I, 83

Christmas Night, London

III, 59

Chronic Battle

II, 172


III, 53


III, 220

Clara Barton at Lacy Mansion

I, 21


II, 161

Clean Through

I, 8


IV, 47


IV, 181


II, 56


II, 125


V, 209

Color Coordinates

III, 159

Company Picnic

IV, 216


III, 218

Concert Engagement  

I, 171

Concerted Effort

IV, 163


V, 206

Conscientious Objects

III, 207


I, 88


V, 13

Continental Rise

II, 209


IV, 94

Conversation with Lillian

II, 178


III, 194

Copy Kid

I, 234

Countdown for the True and Impassable

V, 230

Country Road

III, 29

Courtly Love in Paris

V, 121


I, 85

Crime and Capitulation

II, 137

Crocus in a Dusty Field

V, 70

Crossing Over

IV, 71

Crossing the Bar

IV, 14

Crossing the Heights

I, 185


V, 116

Cyrillic in Black and White

III, 132


V, 44

Dear Theophany

III, 156

December Thirty-First

II, 211

Declining the Challenge

V, 166

Deep as the Ocean Falls

III, 74

Deep in the Woods

II, 31


II, 145

Degrees of Joy

IV, 30

Déja Vu

II, 35


II, 177

Delusionary Scenery

IV, 148


III, 52

Democratic Ethos

IV, 177

Demotic Call

V, 144

Departure and Desolation

V, 122


V, 233

Diary Entry of the Emperor Wu-tsung

II, 88


II, 218

Directing the Future

I, 159

Dirty McGuinniss Admits Impediment

II, 94

Dirty McGuinniss Comforts a Friend

II, 95

Dirty McGuinniss Is Startled to Death

II, 102

Dirty McGuinniss Lectures Stone Sober

II, 99

Dirty McGuinniss Rebels

II, 101

Dirty McGuinniss Shares a Flower

II, 91


III, 90


I, 211


III, 5


III, 171

Distant Skies, Distant Signs

III, 219

Distinguished Vision

III, 140


III, 66


III, 217

Don Quixote’s Midnight Ballad

III, 115

Donning the Mask

V, 89


I, 76

Doubtful Therapy

III, 141

Dutch Engraving

I, 92

Dylan Thomas

III, 139


I, 58

Each a Way

III, 64

Each Dream Has a Trick

IV, 99

Each Name Has a Dream

II, 156

East River

III, 63

Easter in Jerusalem

II, 67

Eddie, Make Fun

IV, 4

Edinburgh Cemetery

III, 45


IV, 97

Eileen Turns Sixty

V, 157

Elective Affinities

IV, 84


IV, 195


III, 14

Emily Agonistes

II, 162


I, 29


III, 149

Engels to His Father

I, 104

Entering Another Year

III, 6


V, 99

Entry in My Diary

IV, 124

Enuma Elish, Psalm I, 137

I, 91

Environmental Rumor

II, 53


IV, 114


III, 100

Events in the Papers

I, 35

Exfoliation and Reply

IV, 108

Eyeful Tour

IV, 118

Eyes that Are Closing in Pain Have Looked on You

II, 25


V, 35

“Faith” Is a Fine Invention

IV, 40


I, 188

Far from Turin

I, 127

Farewell Thinking

III, 67


III, 78

First Photos of the Moon

II, 122

Fish Music

III, 154

Flaubert’s Egyptian Trollop

II, 163

Fleeing the Asylum

III, 125

Florida Visits

I, 222


III, 234

Flow Gently, Phlogiston

IV, 193

Flushing Larkin

V, 85

Food for Janet

III, 4


V, 155

For –

II, 146

For Alice Walton, Age One Hundred

IV, 48

For an Anthropologist

II, 18

For Anne Morrow Lindbergh

III, 178

For Christopher Ricks

I, 140

For Douglas J. Stone

V, 162

For George Herbert

II, 165

For Ingrid Bergman

IV, 159

For James Baldwin

II, 167

For Mary

V, 159

For Max Jacob

V, 82

For the Forgotten

I, 107

For Those Years

II, 151

For William Troy

III, 136

For Winslow Homer

I, 150

Forever and Ever

III, 43

Forever at Six A. M.

III, 11


III, 180

Four Poems for the Price of One

I, 96

Fourth Avenue

III, 229

Fragment of a Sojourn

I, 7

Free Will

II, 103

Freedom From

V, 17

From a Room with a Viewery

IV, 143

From Commerce to Commercial

IV, 194

From Michael Straight’s Autobiography

III, 129

From My Study

II, 21

From Oceania

V, 191

From Sidney Hook’s Autobiography

I, 103

From the Crusades

V, 197

From the Diary of Albert Einstein, Age 15

IV, 191

From the Diary of Eustace Budgell

IV, 123

From the Diary of Jane Addams, Age 10

III, 175

From the Diary of Leo Stein

IV, 137

From the Valet Who Refused to Slash His Master's



V, 150

Fulfilling the New Year

III, 36

Funeral in Autumn

I, 166

Gabriel to Mary

V, 208

Galileo to Milton

III, 172


III, 138

Gender Shadows

II, 27


V, 213

Getting Angry at an Essay

V, 86


V, 147


IV, 160

Giotto Gives All His Characters the Same Face

V, 105

Girlish Photo

V, 78

Gliding, Wrapt in a Brown Mantle, Hooded

I, 151

Goodbye, Amelia Earhart

III, 176

Goodnight Ladies, Goodnight, Goodnight

II, 226

Göring in His Cell

I, 17


III, 31

Grave Markings

II, 182

Grebanier’s “The Heart of Hamlet”

IV, 152

Grebanier’s “The Truth About Shylock”

IV, 153

Greek Impress

V, 104

Green Bank

III, 16

Growing Up

V, 134

Habitat Pasting

II, 32


IV, 24

Hand Springs

IV, 197


V, 141


I, 33

Hearing Perceptions

V, 63

Henry the Eighth Finally Progresses

II, 22

Here and There

III, 42

Here’s Looking at You

III, 69

Herr Young Professor

III, 174

Hiking on Sunday

III, 186


I, 68


I, 11

Homage to Charles Chaplin

IV, 173

Homage to John Dewey

I, 101

Homage to Smollett

IV, 125


I, 218

Homeless Man

II, 132

Homing In

IV, 68

Honest Posing

IV, 33


II, 154


V, 98

How a New Yorker Thinks

IV, 25

How High that Highest Candle

V, 203

How I Write

I, 169

How Long Will It Take?

I, 216

How the Kangaroo Got Its Pouch

IV, 57

How the Panda Got Bamboozled

IV, 59

How the World Got Its Sun

IV, 55

How Things Add Up

IV, 185

How to Read a Book, and Not

V, 148


II, 45

Hymn in Honor of Charlie Chaplin

IV, 171

I Am the Love Poem I Will Send to You

I, 181

I Hate Rings

III, 35

I Kid You Not

III, 9

I Love Wild Animals

IV, 80

I Myself Am a Savage

I, 74

I Never Had a Nanny, Mr. Wellington

IV, 22

I Read in Schopenhauer

III, 76

I Shall Continue to the Rhythm I Go

I, 170

I Write Irwin Shapiro's Autobiography

V, 145

I, Fetus

V, 57

I’m as Unhurried as Nature

I, 193

Idyll Chatter

IV, 86

If We Cannot Live for Something, We Will Die for



III, 213


II, 48

In a Place, At a Time

II, 23

In Autumn’s Weather, All the World’s a Wonder

I, 204

In Memory of Ruth Roseland

II, 16

In Secrecy

IV, 39

In Store

II, 138

In the Deer Park

II, 62

In the Place of the West

II, 84

In the Rain

I, 168

In Touchless Night

V, 9

Incident at the New Year

V, 33


IV, 115

Inheritance and Youth

V, 168

Inside Passage to the World of Youth

II, 110


V, 51

Instructions to My Son

I, 236


IV, 129

Iquitos, Peru

I, 56

Irwin Shapiro Squints at Jesus

V, 205

Is There Anyone Who Hasn’t Said the Eyes Are the

     Windows of the Soul?


IV, 184

It Is the Octave Wonder of the World

I, 55

It’s Franklin’s Birthday

IV, 46

Italian Interim

III, 44

Jerusalem, the Higher Greeting

III, 226

John Hilton

I, 167

John Webster, from Hell

V, 73

Jointed Maneuvers

I, 67


III, 117

Kith and Kin

V, 193

Knighthood for Christopher Ricks

III, 131

Kylix by Execias

V, 101

Lady in Waiting

V, 125

Lady Killer

II, 164

Lake Placid and Mirror Lake

III, 26

Las Vegas Proposal

IV, 98

Last and First Day

III, 7

Last Briefing

III, 208

Last Testament

IV, 78

Last Train of Thought

I, 63

Laundry List

IV, 35

Lensing: Ethnic

I, 27

Letter Found in a Diary

IV, 189

Letter to One Perhaps Still Living (1987)

III, 200

Leveraging Love

IV, 102

Levertov on the Stairway

IV, 139

Life and Death, Once Again

I, 64

Life as a New Year’s Party

II, 34


IV, 66


V, 45


II, 228


I, 233

Local Design

I, 82

Locke & Co.

IV, 20

Long Journey into Light

III, 145

Long Journey’s Night

III, 146


IV, 145

Looking Like Puccini

III, 152

Los Angeles to Pork Chop Hill

V, 231


III, 57

Lost Empire

III, 198

Lucy the Barmaid Sheds Her Light

IV, 85


I, 52

Macheath About To Be Hanged

V, 74


IV, 96

Majority Leader

IV, 176

Make It Fresh

II, 41

Making Up

III, 68

Making Up One’s Mind

IV, 18

Manners of Speaking

V, 87

Many Lives

I, 36

Marilyn Monroe

I, 161

Marsyas in Italy

III, 181

Marty Wayne Graduates High School

IV, 51

Matin Song, But Evening

I, 195

Maybe the World Is Something I Ate

IV, 169


IV, 186

Mediterranean Tour

I, 61


II, 129

Meshach Speaks

V, 180


III, 185


III, 71

Mia Casa

V, 5


III, 162


I, 45

Miłosz in Cracow

I, 141

Miranda upon Caliban

III, 98

Mirror Flow

II, 118


I, 143


V, 154


V, 152


V, 71

Mole Hazard

II, 47


V, 32

More Deeply Interfused

V, 38

Morning in Venice

V, 109


III, 112

Mother of Mercy, Is This the End of Rico?

IV, 168

Mother’s Greeting

III, 39

Mr. X

V, 37

Museum Dependencies

IV, 167

Must I Own a Persona?

IV, 19

My Bible

I, 78

My Cup Runneth Over

I, 220

My Daughter Once

IV, 31

Napping in Winter

III, 2


IV, 178

Near the Cave

V, 195

Negative Market

V, 189

Neither Brothers nor Underlings

III, 87

Never into Israel

V, 204

New Year New

V, 1

New Year’s Again and Again

III, 56

New York Conversation

II, 90

News from the Back

V, 224


V, 117

Night Comes Even to Coney Island

II, 15

Night Visits

I, 226

1918, 1928

II, 1


V, 129

Note to the World

III, 236

Nothing but a Pack

II, 78

November, 1963

V, 216

Nuevo York

III, 222

Nursery Rhyme

III, 48


IV, 196

O, We Poets

IV, 89


I, 154

Obituary of a Litterateur

IV, 147

Ode on the Death of Senator –

II, 89

Ode on the Revolution

V, 220


I, 37

Olduvai Gorge

V, 196

On a Hill Above Ankara

V, 225

On Hearing that We See a Sin, but Not a Peccadillo

IV, 38

On John's Arriving

V, 161

On Learning that Anne Sexton and I Were Born the

     Same Day


V, 88

On Not Being Famous

V, 67

On Reading My Poem in the Last Lyric

IV, 114

On Replacing Janet’s Necklace

I, 209

On Seeing Sargent's Portrait of Pulitzer

IV, 111

On the 40th Anniversary of the Ethical Society of



V, 200

On the Comic Substrate

IV, 2

On the Death of Danny Kaye

II, 175

On the Death of James Thurber

I, 146

On the Idea that Anti-Semitism Is Soluble in Art

III, 143

On the Passing of the Senator Who Gave Us the IRA

IV, 179

On the Proposition that If Angels Could Sing, They

     Would Sing Mozart


II, 68

On the Road

I, 95

One by Terrible One

II, 220

Opposing Composing

IV, 149

Ordinary People

III, 203


V, 167

Otoh Botoh

IV, 183

Out of Tune

IV, 162


II, 52

Paine to Blake

III, 126

Paradise Gained

IV, 119

Pardon, Poet

I, 235

Particle Physics

I, 137

Passage into the Year

II, 135


III, 133


III, 155


II, 223


III, 201

Perhaps the Chicks

II, 61


III, 230


II, 114

Photo Opportunity

I, 54

Photo: Zero Mostel Reading

II, 173


II, 106

Pietra Dura, from the Red Fort

III, 65

Pilot Whales Ashore

II, 39

Plain Jane at the Casement

IV, 32

Planned Danger

V, 69

Poem on Sunday

III, 1

Poem Without Matthew’s Name in It

IV, 62


II, 83

Polly Wants a Croissant

IV, 201

Portion and Proportion

I, 39

Positive Incapability

V, 64


IV, 134


IV, 111

Presidential Machismo

IV, 175


I, 156

Prime Time Minister

V, 221

Pronouncement from Dad

V, 140


V, 48

Provisional Division

II, 192


II, 30

Purple Crocus

I, 205

Pursuing Definitions

IV, 13

Pursuing the Contract

III, 12

Quality and Equality

II, 234

Raft on the Susquehanna

III, 91

Rapid Fire

I, 3

Recalling James Henry

V, 10


IV, 29


III, 188


IV, 1

Renaissance Dawns

V, 102


II, 49


III, 30

Required Reading of the Leisure Class

IV, 146


II, 204

Restaurant on a Highway

IV, 127

Return to the Plains

II, 116


III, 193

Reverence and Irreverence

III, 80


II, 50


II, 181

Ritual Filmviewing on the Holiday

I, 163

Robert Kennedy Recounts His Nightmare to His

     Brother John


V, 183


II, 13


I, 149

Room for One More

II, 190


II, 124

Rule of Plumb

IV, 26


III, 199


I, 200


III, 182


I, 180


IV, 223

Saturday Evening

II, 133


V, 174


I, 134

Seeing Red

I, 139

Self-Portrait of Somebody Else

I, 23

Sermon for Today’s Teresa

III, 177


I, 94

Shape from Another Time

V, 14


III, 61

She Dances Between the Dance

III, 105

She Mistakes Him for the God of Death

II, 63


III, 86


V, 36

Shelter Volunteer

II, 11

Shipping News

II, 153

Shut In

I, 132

Shut Up When You Speak to Me

IV, 180

Silent in Charity

III, 40

Six A.M.

I, 183

Sliding Scales

I, 189

Small Dunes

III, 92

Small Vehicle

IV, 155

Solzhenitsyn’s Dream

I, 108


I, 84

Song for the New Year

V, 2

Song:  Chacun à Son Goût

V, 43

Sonnet to a Telephone Pole

IV, 65

Sonnet to and from Narcissus Speaking



II, 227

Sonnet Written in Alaska

IV, 67

South Africa Sojourn

V, 16

South Pacific War

I, 10

Spanish Serenade

I, 31

Spirit Is the Fulfillment of Matter

IV, 72

St. Jerome

V, 106

St. Petersburg to Leningrad to St. Petersburg

V, 226


II, 7

Sting Ray

III, 82


I, 173


V, 132

Sumer Is Icumen Out

IV, 199


II, 185

Surrendering Youth

V, 235


I, 228

Talent and Power

IV, 132

Talleyrand Ruminates

II, 81

Taxi Standing

III, 231


IV, 92

Ten Volumes of History Haven't the Truth of a Twig

V, 49

Termination and Indetermination

III, 110


II, 9

Thanks for Nothing

IV, 101


IV, 45


V, 42

The Abiders

II, 189

The Ages Design Our Silence

I, 75

The Ambiguity of Love

IV, 106

The Art of Language

IV, 154

The Ballet

V, 169

The Bedchamber of Time and Truth

I, 157

The Body Is the Booty

V, 11

The Book of Retirement

III, 33

The Boy with a Man in His Pocket

II, 26

The Brand of Midnight

II, 229

The Brooklyn Love Song

II, 107

The Burial of Kafka and His Transfiguration

II, 169

The Case

IV, 206

The Chemical Bond

V, 6

The Chink in the Wall to Bottom

III, 109

The Colonist

I, 43

The Curve of the Unseen

II, 197

The Dark Zodiac of the Unicorn

III, 62

The Eagle

II, 55

The Echo

IV, 16

The End of the Beginning

I, 177

The Engaging Streams

I, 230

The First Fathers Day

IV, 6

The First Fetus

III, 108

The Five

II, 120

The Flower Which Is Absent from Every Bouquet

V, 53

The Form of Flattery

III, 210

The Four Questions of Jacob Epstein

III, 168

The Freedom of the Philippines

III, 209

The Garden

I, 208

The Gate

I, 174

The Geometry of the Politician

V, 214

The Gnat: a Tale

IV, 74

The Greatest Writer of the American South Is



IV, 133

The Groom Speaks

II, 148

The Hidden Remains

V, 211

The Homesickness of Ping, Pang and Pong

V, 60

The Hope of Something Happening

I, 187

The Hour

I, 207

The Human Record

II, 150

The Hunt

V, 119

The I Ching of Love

IV, 87

The Inconvenient Fault

II, 157

The Inn

III, 211

The Ion that Turns the Quest into a Question

III, 235

The Iowan in New York, 1949

V, 176

The Jarring of Ice and Fire

II, 222

The Jungle

II, 60

The Lost Traveler

V, 170

The Love Song of A. Particular Specialpoet

IV, 140

The Lover as the Letter C

IV, 95

The Meaning of Coney Island

I, 90

The Mirror of the Sea

III, 75

The Mother Goose Cowboy

I, 49

The Name of the Sonnet

V, 128

The New Yorker in Iowa, 1949

V, 177

The Nihilist to His Bed

V, 199

The Obscurity of the Clear Heart

III, 195

The Oranges and Peaches and the Descent of Pan

IV, 117

The Peace Which Passeth Violence

I, 34

The Perfect and the Perfected

V, 76

The Plotting of Ancient China

IV, 198

The Poet’s Timbre

IV, 135

The Question of Life Everlasting

III, 70

The Regal Eagle

IV, 75

The Rendezvous

IV, 83

The Retrenched

I, 20

The Rider

I, 196

The Rose Ballad

III, 60

The Sacrificial Lamb

I, 179

The Sainte-Chapelle

V, 207

The Sea Ends

V, 201

The Seafarer

V, 80

The Sea-Guest

I, 184

The Seeker After Beauty

II, 143

The Shifting Sounds

IV, 157

The Singing Forest

I, 6

The Stages Of

V, 58

The Stamped

I, 5

The Still Moment

V, 115

The Swamp-Wiggler

IV, 70

The Swans

II, 42

The Theater of Memory

V, 90

The Triplicorn Tapestries

II, 199

The Twists of Truth

IV, 81

The Universal Clock

II, 155

The Visit

III, 128

The Wedding

II, 147

The Wing and the Talon

I, 215

Think Now of the World

II, 168

Thinking of Uta Hagen

III, 179

Thirty Creases of Sorrow

V, 130

This Bed I Make

I, 172

This Is My First Proposal

I, 194

Thoughts upon the Concept of Charity

V, 143

Three Coney Island Farewells to Winter

IV, 202

Three Roots that Get Longer and Longer

V, 164

Through a Glass

V, 173

Time Laps

V, 114

Time Out

III, 103

Time Pieced

III, 47

To –

IV, 91

To a Friend Buried in Libya

I, 22

To a Friend Who Is a Psychologist

IV, 174

To a Poet

III, 130

To a Pro at Being Anti

II, 121

To a Teacher from Southern Weather

V, 84

To a Woman Who Brought Music into Our Lives

IV, 165

To All Dearly Departed

V, 61

To an Unadoptable Child

III, 38

To Be Continued

II, 176

To Cybele

III, 197

To Cynthia

IV, 107

To Desert Spaces

III, 41

To Her Father

V, 120

To Janet, Doing a Crossword Puzzle

I, 210

To Mae West, Whose Hour-Glass Figure Has Run

     Its Time


I, 162

To Max Schreck

III, 147

To My Son, Who Has His Art

V, 113

To St. Cecilia

III, 151

To the Commissioner for Quieting Disaffection

II, 87

To Wait for You

IV, 90

Tomorrow and Today

V, 50

Toward Pearl Harbor

II, 71

Town Dump

III, 224


I, 44

Trochaic Epitaphs

I, 148

Tuesday, 22 December, 1942

V, 234

Tundra Meditation

II, 44


V, 135

Turning Agent

IV, 12


I, 13

Under the Soil of France

I, 19


V, 192

Unity of Style

III, 113

Unrecovered Heads

II, 64


III, 148

Vanishing Point

III, 160

Verbal Herbal

V, 30

Vertical Reach

I, 60


III, 215

Vietnam Landing

II, 76

Visible Music

II, 12

Votive Acts

V, 77

Voyage of the Beagle

V, 3


III, 55

War Hero

V, 232

Washing Up

III, 189

Waste into Waste

III, 228


II, 231


III, 233


III, 8

“Westminster Abbey”

IV, 122

What I Mean By Waking

II, 233

What Is Due

IV, 161

What Wild Ecstasy?

IV, 128

When I Was a Boy Past Twelve

I, 224

When No Mite Ambles In

II, 46

When We Left Awaken

I, 14

Where No Hamlet Overhears

V, 123

Where We Park

I, 72

Whiskers in the Dark

II, 198

Wild Caution

V, 187

Wilfred Owen and Isaac Rosenberg

III, 135


I, 73

With Breath, Baited

V, 7

With Janet Near Kyoto

II, 184


II, 70


III, 79

Wrong Chambers

II, 80

Yitzhak Rabin at Evening

III, 184

Young Lady, by Lamplight

V, 124

Youthful Graves

IV, 136

Zabriskie Point

I, 47


IV, 150

Zelda Plays Bingo

V, 126


IV, 151


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